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Customer Survey

Dear Valued Customer,


We at Above Board Construction, Inc. are always striving to provide the best service to our customers. Please take a few minutes to complete the following questions regarding you recent construction needs, your feed back is greatly appreciated to help us improve our business.


How did you learn about Above Board Construction, Inc.?
What were the reasons you chose Above Board Construction, Inc.?

How would you rate our representatives’ job and/or product knowledge?

Project Manager:
Crew Member:
Crew Member:
Crew Member:
Office Staff:
Was our staff courteous?
Were our appointments kept as promised?
Were crew members neat?
Were crew members courteous?
Was the quality of the work satisfactory?
Was the job started as promised?
Once started, was there any delay?
If so, were you advised of the reason?
Was the delay due to our error?
Was the delay due to material?
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